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Our Beliefs


All medicines in the world, be it modern or traditional, if the symptoms do not go away after three consecutive days of application, it may well be said that a continual use of that medicine is ineffectual.  If the medicine is right for the disease, the conditions should improve (with an exception of beriberi and partial paralysis that require a period time and assistance of physical therapy)


Herbal Balm, an external-used alternative remedy, is generally regarded as a traditional medication for the purposes of relieving pains that are muscles or tendon related, such as twisted ankles, overstrained muscles and headache. With its characteristics of cooling or warming when rubbed in with a refreshing fragrance.

At Indrajid, we believe that, with our local Thai Wisdom, herbal balm can do more than what people understand. From thousand of herbs in the Kingdom of Thailand, we carefully select the top quality to create this local medication to be the answer to your special needs. 

Why Indrajid Balm?


All ingredients used to produce Indrajid Herbal balm are sourced locally in Thailand, many came from the woods nearby to local inhabitants in upcountries. Only the locals know which ingredient to choose from which area and the best time of the year and even of the day to collect them.

Each formula contains a vast variety of ingredients to best solve the symptoms though those indicated on the label are the ones that are the main ingredients.

Our balm is designed to focus on its property, so it may differ from other Thai Balm in the market that it does not give a hot or cold effect once applied. We hope that the property of the Herbal Balm itself would help sooth and eventually eliminate the pain from the patients.